Project Structure


The AMICREX project will encompass and combine three main multidisciplinary concepts: Biomass valorization by re-using on one hand the waste product of carrot processing on the other hand microalgae strains (eg. Scenedesmus sp.), and turn them into valuable compounds, such as mixed carotenoids.

  • Primarily the characterization of the raw materials must be performed via standardized methods. Moreover, their interaction with the electromagnetic field must be evaluated under different conditions through dielectric properties measurements.
  • This project exploits a novel green extraction technology, microemulsion extraction, where the solute incorporates into the dispersed oil droplets of the emulsion due to their affinity to hydrophobic media. Using a microemulsion as extraction medium, organic solvents can be avoided during the process providing a healthier aspect to the end product in an environmentally sound process.
    In order to achieve the extraction via the proposed method, first, the stable extraction media, the microemulsion will be established and optimized in accordance with the raw material in terms of emulsifier type, oil/water relation, pH and oil varieties.
    In parallel (Work Package 2.2) to the extraction technology, the cell disruption must be achieved using microwave energy in order to attain process performance intensification.
    In these context parameters, such and volume and mass specific energy and power will be evaluated, and cell disruption will be analyzed through extraction kinetics study and under microscopic observation.
  • Based on the specified and previously optimized process requirements an industrial design concept will be established regarding field distribution, absorption efficiency and energy dissipation. The specified system requirements will provide the basis for process simulation and evaluation giving ground to the exploitation of the technology to further application using different biomass.
AMICREX project structure (click to enlarge).
AMICREX project structure.
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